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At Ft. Leonard Wood, sound control at the opening plays crucial role in keeping classified info safe

Security is becoming an increasing concern for organizations around the world – and the United States Armed Forces are certainly no exception.

As the face of conflict continues to shift, the need to keep information shared among military personnel confidential is becoming more and more important. So when the Department of Defense issued a contract for the construction of the 3rd Battalion Company Training Complex (BCTC) at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., ensuring that information would be kept secure on the base was a top priority. Among the many special requirements for the facility was a high level of sound control at the door opening so that conversations held in a meeting or training room cannot be overheard in adjacent areas.

“With a big job like this for a client like the Army, you have to be sure you can deliver,” said American Direct President Byron Whetstone. “Our deep industry experience allowed us to procure and schedule installation for a number of the specialized security fixtures and other products, which helped make it a success.”

Additionally, American Direct was able to use its size and reach to ensure on-time delivery of openings hardware and equipment despite Ft. Leonard Wood’s remote location in the Missouri Ozarks, several hours from all of their distribution centers. Those on-time deliveries were crucial to keeping the project on track over the year-long construction timeline.

The value American Direct added to the project wasn’t lost on the contractor, Watts, the military division of Weitz.

“When there were issues in the field, American Direct had to have a quick reaction and response time,” said Eduardo Rios, Watts’ project manager. “American Direct demonstrated their ability to adapt to take care of issues and to be flexible in meeting the requirements of the project team with a great level of service and communication.”