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John Deere North America AG Marketing and Sales Facility


The Weitz Company


Olathe, KS




When John Deere North American hired Weitz Company to build its new 126,150 square-foot sales and marketing center, it challenged the contractor to create a space that accommodated cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design along with safety features to account for the building’s location in tornado alley.


American Direct helped the contractor select a stile-and-rail door product that added an air of sophistication to the aesthetic of the facility. American Direct was also able to help supply the contractor with door systems at the eight openings for the two tornado shelters that met all FEMA requirements. What’s more, American Direct worked to secure local suppliers to help the project meet Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.
“All parties involved went to great effort to purchase materials within 500 miles of the job site, use recycled content in doors and use other environmentally friendly materials which ultimately improves indoor air quality. American Direct came out many times to help count quantities, inspect product for any damage that might have occurred during shipping and make sure no product was missing.” — Jeff Stewart, Weitz Company


Hollow metal doors and frames, FEMA-rated openings
Ceco Door Products

Impact doors

Wood doors, stile and rail wood doors
VT Industries

McKinney, Pemko, Rixon, Sargent, Securitron

Permanent cores