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Redmond, WA


Redmond 148 is a luxury multi-family development located in Redmond’s Overlake District, on the edge of the Microsoft campus. American Direct and AccessNsite were chosen by developers White/Peterman Properties to provide a totally integrated safety and security solution for the 240-unit complex.


From the initial stages of the design-build process, we collaborated early and often with White/Peterman, architect (B+H Architects), manufacturer specifier, and general contractor (Halvorson Construction) on consultation, design, and total 8/28 integration. By combining beautiful modern design with advanced access control technology, we were able to deliver a totally integrated safety and security solution that met the form, functionality, and budget of the end user.

On average, the cost of an intelligent multi-family intelligent lockset is more than $1,500, and traditional common area access control doors are approximately $2,750. With our pre-engineered programming and design efficiencies, the average cost per opening for the units at 148 Redmond were less than $800, and the common area doors were less than $1700. These cost savings provided additional budget for enhanced video surveillance and security.


General Contractor: Halvorson Construction

Property Manager: White/Peterman

Architect: B+H Architects

Access Control Software: AccessNsite